The Google Pixel 4 to be available on every major carrier

Google Pixel 4 - PiGoogle Pixel 4 - Pixel 4 Smartphone - Made by Google - YouTubexe 4 Smartpone - Made by Google - YouTube

Google unveiled its latest version of its Pixel smartphone at a huge product launch event in New York. Those who have been eagerly awaiting the Google Pixel 4, will soon be able to get their hands on one as it will begin shipping later this month. The device, which is available in both standard and XL sizes, was unveiled at Google’s big product lunch at an event in New York this past Tuesday, October 15. The smartphone comes equipped with a Soli radar chip. Considered to be one the most…

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been unveiled

google sign Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The two versions of the smartphone have become the latest flagship phones from the tech giant. Despite the massive number of leaks that occurred before the unveiling of Google Pixel, it still managed to create a stir. There will be two versions of the device, the base model and the XL version which is slightly larger. The standard model will have a standard 5-inch display with a 441 ppi density. The Google Pixel XL will be slightly bigger. It will have a 5.5 inch display and a resolution of 534…

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