Best Refurbished Phones on the Market

If you have been looking forward to upgrading to one of the popular brands but with limited cash, a refurbished phone may be the best option. These phones offer the same quality performance with sleek designs at an affordable price. Before buying a refurbished phone, you need to understand what they are. What is a refurbished phone? Refurbished phones are pre-owned mobile phones. The difference between refurbished phones and other second-hand phones is the fact that they have been returned to the manufacturer because of a fault or trade-in for…

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Google Nexus 4G rumors claim that it will kill the iPhone 5

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

The Google Nexus 4G, the next Nexus phone that will be offered by the search engine giant, is rumored to be the smartphone that will take down the iPhone. That being the case, if these rumors are to hold any water, then it will mean that the Google Nexus 4G will need to have significantly bumped up its features and specifications to be able to provide the iPhone 5 with any competition. So far, what is known about Google Nexus 4G is that it will come with the most up…

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New QR Code analytics platform released

Mobile Tag, a leader in both 2d and 1d barcode marketing solutions, have debuted their latest universal platform for NFC TAG management. Having spent two years in development, this platform is being tailored to help businesses manage the tags, such as QR codes, used in their communication campaigns. The platform will let businesses configure the different aspects of QR codes and other barcodes. They will be able to link 1d barcodes (UPC and EAN) to online content and make them function much the same way as QR codes. Businesses will…

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