Google chairman says there will be no negative impact on Android from Motorola

Eric Schmidt

Chairman of Google Inc., Eric Schmidt, has released more information about the acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. by the internet giant for $12.5 billion, and has specifically explained that this will not “screw up” the success of Android. Schmidt has held to the claims that have already been made by Google, which have said that acquiring Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., may play an important role in promoting competition among the manufacturers of Android based phones. They believe this is an important move in an economy that still requires stimulation…

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YouTube is a stroke of mobile marketing genius

Google News YouTube mobile app

As Google continues the implementation of a strategy that has been designed to keep the internet giant at the head of the mobile marketplace, YouTube is being acknowledged as an important element of that effort. Its recent purchase of Motorola is only one of its many steps into the mobile world, that have also included a number of services such as mobile payments, which are currently being tested and are expected to begin taking off in the near future. What has been considered quite surprising is that its ownership of…

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Google’s acquisition of Motorola may sour its Android deals

Google News

Google has recently purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion in order to obtain a greater amount of intellectual property; however, experts are wondering if this will make its Android partners feel as though it is more competition and less of an ally. According to Google, the Motorola company will maintain its function as a separate organization. However, other manufacturers of handsets such as HTC and Samsung Electronics may still see this as a form of competitive threat. Analyst Michael Gartenberg from Gartner explained that no matter how Google describes its relationship…

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