Mobile payments checkout now available at Rockport

The footwear company has now implemented Google Wallet. Rockport, a footwear company, has announced that its mcommerce site now features a checkout service that uses Google Wallet mobile payments, so that smartphone users will be able to purchase their boots, shoes, and accessories from their favorite devices. The integration of this new platform was accomplished by the Unbound Commerce service provider. The platform also includes a number of other mcommerce features to mirror the overall infrastructure that the company has established on its standard desktop website. Rockport has chosen Google…

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Mobile payments industry’s leading players launch new official committee

Mobile payments disaster recovery

Google, PayPal, Visa, and others have announced that they will be participating. The global electronic purchasing transaction industry’s trade association, called the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) has just announced the launch of the Mobile Payments Committee. It simultaneously announced that the four major American mobile network operators are all members. These include T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. They have joined in the Mobile Payments Committee along with the participation of Isis, Google, Wells Fargo, American Express, Captial One, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Panasonic, Discover, Neustar, Intuit, VeriFone, and First Data. The…

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Is NFC necessary for secure mobile payments?

Mobile commerce and the future

Or will other technology swoop in on the mobile payments market… When the topic is mobile payments, Google is quick to come to the forefront of a discussion, but as that company’s Google Wallet has been slower to catch on than some had predicted, and it is based on NFC technology, which isn’t yet available in the majority of smartphones, many are wondering whether near field communications technology is truly necessary for secure contactless payments to catch on. Many sources are starting to suggest that it could be five years,…

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Is it too early to gauge Google Wallet’s successes and failures?

NFC Mobile Payments

Many reports have been released indicating that Google is considering ways to rework its Google Wallet, based on the recent announcement that two of the execs involved in the project have left it, and that the company is scrambling to try to get as many wireless carriers to sign on to offer the mobile wallet as possible. This has led many to assume that Google Wallet is facing significant unexpected struggles, though there have been a small number of analysts who have said that it remains far too early to…

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Google Wallet security compromised with the use of simple brute force programs

Google Wallet

Google’s ambitious endeavor to become a major force in the emerging industry of mobile commerce has been going well. The company’s Google Wallet mobile payment application has been well received amongst consumers with NFC-enabled smart phones. There may be a problem, however, with the security of Google’s system. The acclaimed technology company has been adamant in their claims that NFC transactions with Google Wallet are entirely safe, as the application boasts of a number of high-end security features. It seems that Google did not account for hackers using brute force…

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