Google may be working on a new mobile payments system

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Plaso could be Google’s next foray into mobile commerce Google may be in the process of testing a new mobile payments system that it has codenamed “Plaso.” Rumors suggest that the company is currently testing this new service internally, working with partners that may include Papa John’s and Panera Bread. The new mobile payments system may be a potential replacement of Google Wallet, which has struggled to find mainstream acceptance among consumers despite the growing popularity of mobile commerce. Plaso is designed to be contextually aware The new payment system…

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Apple Pay may have a major impact on the NFC technology market

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New mobile payments service is causing the NFC market to surge Apple Pay has been launched and it has already manage to cause a stir in the mobile payments space. The launch of the new service has been supported by a wide range of retailers, all of whom have shown strong interest in the mobile space. While Apple has succeeded in drawing more attention to mobile shopping and payments, the company’s new service may have an unintended effect on the NFC market. NFC is gaining more attention, thanks to Apple…

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Google to begin pushing its mobile payments service

Google Wallet Mobile Payments

Google aims to compete with Apple in the mobile commerce market Google is gearing up to compete with Apple in the mobile payments space. Apple’s new digital commerce platform, called Apple Pay, was recently launched and it has already had a major impact in the mobile world. For its launch, Apple Pay acquired a wealth of retail and financial partners, all of whom had shown strong interest in engaging mobile consumers. These partners have helped expand the availability of Apple Pay, but Google wants consumers to know that Apple is…

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Mobile payments marketplace in US prepares for two major systems

Mobile payments - Isis wallet

The announcements we reported to you from Money2020 last week have the U.S. waiting for the rollout. Last week, we brought the latest announcements from Money2020, as they were happening, including the announcement of two major mobile payments systems, the technologies that they would be using, and the fact that they are both preparing to launch in the United States very soon. These services claim that they will make transactions more appealing to both merchants and consumers. It was also clear that in the mobile payments universe, the winners were…

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Mobile payments strategy includes ban on plastic credit cards

LevelUp app mobile payments

In order to help boost the adoption of the service some merchants have tried to eliminate the alternative. The mobile payments industry has faced a large amount of struggle in terms of consumer adoption, even after merchants have started to update their systems and accept this form of transactions. Even the largest players, who have spent billions on systems and marketing, have yet to succeed. Google Wallet and Isis are two of the largest mobile payments systems currently in place, and yet they are seeing very limited use by consumers.…

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