Google to target smartphone shoppers with new mobile advertising strategy

mobile advertising strategy - Google search on mobile device

Google intends to push new ads on its apps to boost revenue from mobile shoppers. The Alphabet Inc. owned company is enhancing its mobile advertising strategy and plans to place ads in several new spots on its apps. The expansion of its advertising real estate will include ads featured on the homepage of its smartphone app worldwide, more ads in Maps as well as ads with image galleries in search results, reports Reuters. Google wants to make it easier for its users to discover and buy new products. The search…

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Local inventory ads tested by Google to boost search monetization

Mobile Google search traffic

Mobile marketing will soon be changing again as consumers see recommendations based on items in stock. Google is moving forward with a new type of mobile marketing involving local inventory ads. These are designed to improve the monetization of local searches conducted through its mobile search engine. These new mobile advertisements may replace certain local business search query results. These local inventory ads may soon be displayed in search query results where local businesses and their basic info used to hold local pack spots. The mobile advertisements would be carefully…

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Google mobile ads may AMP up and slim down

Google mobile ads

A new advertising initiative has been designed to enhance the delivery of content on the mobile web. Google mobile ads are heading in a direction that has been designed to speed up their rate of delivery. At the moment, a primary complaint is that they are too slow. The company is using its accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to provide a faster experience. The AMP project for mobile ads is meant to make it possible for advertising to load more quickly on smartphones. AMP for Google mobile ads is essentially a…

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Mobile marketing at Facebook will beat out Google next year

Google I/O mobile sites

The head of Opera Mediaworks has said that smartphone and tablet based ads from the social network will win. According to the chief exec at Opera Mediaworks, Mahi De Silva, who is also a veteran in mobile marketing and advertising, while Google may still be in the lead when it comes to that channel, that position will change next year when it is overtaken by Facebook. Opera Mediaworks is owned by Opera Software, which is based in Norway and brought in $120 million in revenue last year. This year, Opera…

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Mobile marketing sees important shift in search activities

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

It appears as though many device users are opting for apps instead of browser based engine queries. When it comes to the paid search element of mobile marketing, it looks as though the trend is moving toward apps such as Yelp, and are stepping away from the previously preferred use of search engines via browsers. This is representing a considerable threat to the dominance of Google when it comes to paid search. The reason that so many people are starting to choose apps is that there are so many of…

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