Half of all revenues from mobile ads go to Google and Facebook

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Last year, 50 percent of all revenues from smartphone and tablet based advertising went to these two giants. While Google still holds the position as the top earner through mobile ads, Facebook is quickly on the rise and is now starting to move into the territory that had previously been held by the top search engine. Together, however, the share of the mobile advertising market of the two companies is 50 percent. At a time in which the smartphone based advertising market has never been hotter, that 50 percent share…

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Mobile ads from Google Canada designed to avoid being “creepy” in 2015

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As Canadians spend more of their online time on smartphones and tablets, the company wants to be “appropriate”. Google Canada expects that consumers across that country will continue to grow their obsession with smartphones and tablets throughout 2015, and in response to this, they are hoping to be able to improve the appropriateness of their mobile ads. The company feels that it has learned a great deal about the channel over the last few years and is ready for the next step. According to the Google Canada managing director, Sam…

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Social media marketing could be reaching the saturation point

Social Media Marketing

A new Mindshare report has suggested that within the next two years, this channel may present challenges. A new industry forecast has just been released by Mindshare, which has revealed that over the next two years, it is likely that advertisers and marketers will find that they are challenged by saturation in the area of social media marketing. This is being predicted as a tremendous amount of consumer data is suddenly being produced in digital media. The prediction stated that as mobile becomes one of the leading areas through which…

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