QR code scans may soon work for Nearby Share

QR code - file Sharing

Users might soon be able to scan barcodes to be able to share files with others in person. The Nearby Share feature on Android devices will soon make it possible to share files with other people with QR code scans. The feature makes it easy to share files and links with other Android devices, Chromebooks and Windows PCs. To make it work, all users need to do is select what they want to send, select the share button, and choose the Nearby Share option from within the share sheet. If…

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Google Search About this Result feature to help weed out fake news

About This Result - Fake News image

The Google I/O revealed the new feature to help searchers to evaluate the sources in search results. Earlier this week at the Google I/O developer’s conference a new Google Search feature called About this Result was unveiled. The purpose of the feature is to help individuals conducting searches to be able to more accurately evaluate the sources that appear in their query results. In this way, searchers will have more information available to them to evaluate those sources. Google is hoping that users of its massively popular search engine will…

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