Augmented reality translation app developer bought by Google

Augmented reality translation app World Lens

The World Lens application and its language packs are now available for free. Google has now announced that it has picked up the impressive World Lens augmented reality translation app, which is considered to be one of the most forward thinking applications that have been released in quite a while. The well known mobile app was developed by Quest Visual, now owned by the tech giant. Quest Visual announced on its own website that it has now been acquired by Google. Its augmented reality translation app is now available for…

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Rumor confirmed: Google acquires Viewdle

Google Mobile Commerce News

Google acquisition of Viewdle finalized Earlier this week, rumors regarding Google’s acquisition of augmented reality and facial recognition specialist Viewdle began making their way throughout the world. Neither company had been keen to confirm or deny the rumors when they first began appearing, noting that they were simply matters of speculation. It seems, however, that the rumors were indeed true, as Google has announced that the acquisition of Viewdle has been finalized. The company has been incorporated into Google’s Motorola unit, where it will see its technology put to extensive…

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