Apple employees banned from ChatGPT use at work

ChatGPT use Ban Apple

The company is joining Samsung, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and other large corporations in this trend. Apple has just banned ChatGPT use among its employees while they are at work, in a move that is hardly unique to that technology giant. Other massive corporations including rival Samsung, as well as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, and others. This move bans workers from using any AI-powered chatbots at work and for work-related purposes. Apple has banned ChatGPT use, as well as that of Bard, Bing, and other artificial intelligence chatbot apps.…

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Mobile commerce: Looking forward

mobile commerce technology online

The future is bright for mobile Mobile commerce has already managed to establish a strong following in only a few short years. People throughout the world have become enamored with the concept of using their mobile devices to purchase products online and at physical stores while also using these devices to manage their personal finances. Despite initial challenges, mobile commerce has become quite influential, and this influence may grow to new heights within the next five years. Mobile devices are becoming more heavily used than PCs. PC makers are beginning…

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Goldman Sachs releases forecast concerning future of mobile commerce

mobile commerce participation

New forecast paints a promising future for the world of mobile shopping and payments Leading investment bank Goldman Sachs has released a new forecast concerning mobile commerce. The forecast predicts that mobile commerce will be as big in 2018 as e-commerce was in 2013. The prediction is backed by a growing number of people and businesses becoming heavily involved in the mobile space. Smartphones and tablets are beginning to play integral roles in society and these devices are beginning to change the way people interact with one another and how…

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