QR codes in Germany make it easier to pay parking fines

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The quick response codes help drivers to be able to pay their tickets quickly and easily. In Lübeck, a new system of parking ticketing through the use of QR codes is making it possible for drivers to be able to simply scan a barcode with their smartphones and pay for their tickets directly out of their bank accounts. At the moment, the system is working for only certain bank customers, but the intention is to expand. The Lübeck police are now armed with ticketing devices that print unique QR codes…

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QR codes scanning apps present on 32 percent of German smartphones

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Forrester research has found that while the capability is there, it’s not always being used. The result of a new Forrester Research study have just been revealed and have indicated that among Germans with smartphones, 32 percent have apps for scanning QR codes installed on their devices. However, it also determined that among them, very few scan on a monthly basis. Among smartphone owners, only 8 percent in total – regardless of whether or not they have an app on their devices at the moment – scan QR codes on…

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QR code shipment tracking system now in use by German company

QR Code mail post

The new technology has been implemented by trans-o-flex. trans-o-flex, a parcel and express delivery company in Europe, has now implemented a new tracking system based on QR code technology, that is being used on German deliveries. This company is an international subsidiary of the company called the Austrian Post. According to that organization, it chose a QR code over other forms of barcodes because they are familiar to many smartphone users, and they provide the opportunity to share a great deal more data than other formats. The company said that…

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Awareness of QR codes growing in Germany as companies begin to adopt mobile strategies

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Germany’s Lobbe Group, an industrial waste disposal company, was an early adopter of QR codes when they began appearing in Germany a few years ago. The codes were plastered on a select few of the company’s waste disposal trucks and the response has been favorable. The company is now launching a new campaign that will emblazon their entire fleet of trucks with QR codes. The campaign is being designed to help other businesses connect with the Lobbe Group. In Germany, QR codes are still uncommon. The codes have seen modest…

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