Tencent invests in mobile games

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Tencent to purchase a stake in game developer Glu Mobile Tencent, one of the world’s largest Internet companies, has formed a strategic partnership with Glu Mobile, a developer of mobile games. In this partnership, Tencent has agreed to purchase a 14.6% stake in Glue Mobile, costing approximately $126 million. Mobile games have become a powerful aspect of the overarching game industry and companies like Tencent, which already have a prominent presence in the mobile space, are showing more interest in working with developers to break into a promising market. Companies…

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Gamers to use Vita to solve mystery at Tokyo Game Show


Vita to be used as augmented reality detective tool There will be a mystery afoot at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and the only way to solve it is by using the Playstation Vita. The Vita launched earlier this year and garnered acclaim for its use of augmented reality. Sony has been keen to show off the capabilities of the Vita since its release. The company has plans to showcase its various endeavors in the field of augmented reality at the TGS conference and the Vita will play a…

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Xbox 720 may bring augmented reality to consoles

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Xbox 720 may have augmented reality capabilities Rumors are circulating regarding the release of Microsoft’s highly anticipated Xbox 720, the next iteration of the company’s acclaimed gaming console. Though the console does not have an official name yet, some are speculating that the Xbox 720 could be released as early as 2013. Whatever the actual release date for the console is, it is expected to usher in a new era of gaming due to Microsoft’s ambitious plans with augmented reality. Patent application showcases information concerning new console The U.S. Patent…

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Augmented reality gaming grabs attention at E3 2012

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Gamers and developers begin to take notice of interactive technology This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) showed that the world of gaming is changing at a rapid pace. Mobile technology is beginning to play a bigger role in the lives of consumers and mobile platforms, such as the iPad and various Android devices, have become a favorite for a new generation of gamers. E3 showed that many game developers are beginning to take augmented reality more seriously, with some incorporating the technology into their operations. The event may have signaled…

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Game developer Valve experimenting with new augmented reality gaming system


Augmented reality gaming is growing in popularity around the world. Acclaimed game developer Valve has announced that its research and development division is currently working on a new augmented reality system. The announcement was made unceremoniously in a recent blog post from one of the company’s developers, Michael Abrash. In his post, Abrash shed some light on his work with the company and how he was able to carve out his place in Valve. He also touched upon a current project the company is working on that will likely have…

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