4 Ways to Boost Staff Motivation

Boost Staff Motivation

You can generally expect your staff to be injecting less than 70% of their effort into their role, on average, at any one time. No matter how hard we work or what we think others are doing, that is simply human nature and a productivity issue shared by businesses in all sectors. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to engage your staff and keep them motivated to work harder. It’s essential to think creatively when deploying motivational strategies, and with that in mind, this recipe looks at some strategies…

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QR Codes And Gamification

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QR Codes And Gamification There was a time in the past when games were synonymous with kid stuff, an immature pursuit, something not indulged in by grown-ups. “Do you think I’m playing games here?” was a rhetorical question thrown at someone who was apparently not taking something as seriously as they should. Games and QR codes are a sound marketing strategy when merged together But that was then, this is now. Games are a big part of today’s culture as the Age of the Geek continues its mighty rule. Consequently,…

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Famed advertising agency, Brunner, launched new collaborative think tank

Mobile Commerce News

 Brunner, an independent advertising agency based in Pennsylvania, has unveiled their plans for a new collaborative think tank called BHiveLab. The initiative will bring together digital strategists, creatives, and technology experts to produce innovative marketing solutions. With the emergence of new technologies, the marketing landscape is changing rapidly. BHiveLab will be adopting three of the most promising technologies causing waves in marketing: Augmented reality, QR codes, and NFC. Brunner has a long history of pushing the boundaries of digital marketing. The company has always focused on innovation and now…

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