appMobi introduces its in-app social game, purchasing, and analytics product, playMobi

Mobile apps payments

appMobi has announced the release of playMobi which is available to the public in its beta version and is a cross-platform game development, deployment, and monetization software development kit (SDK) based on HTML5. Through this new product, game developers using HTML5 are given a sleek JavaScript API solution for many of the challenges that they currently face, such as in-game payments, user authentication, scoring and leader board management, and social player engagement. At the very heart of playMobi, is a TapJ-style foundation, which was the HTML5 game social network category…

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Ypulse study shows mobile technology is not popular amongst teens

Mobile Technology and Teens

A new study from Ypulse, a marketing and research firm aimed at youth, suggests that teens may be more confused by augmented reality than they are about QR codes. Augmented reality is currently a craze for a number of industries. Game developers and marketers are using the technology to create new experiences for consumers, but their efforts to expose younger people to the technology have not been going well. The study shows that only 11% of high school and college students have used augmented reality mobile application. More have used…

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Doctor Who augmented reality game from WowWee makes an appearance at London’s Toy Fair 2012

AppGear Video Augmented Reality Mobile games

WowWee, a designer of innovative high-tech entertainment products, is attending the Toy Fair 2012 convention this week in London, UK. The company is showing of a number of new mobile games for smart phones, some of which make use of augmented reality. The most popular game the company has showcased this week is their new Doctor Who game that is part of the company’s AppGear line. This is not the first time The Doctor has found himself in a video game, but it is the first time his game has…

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Games can now use the new mobile news feed at Facebook as a viral channel

Facebook mobile commerce

There was a time that game companies at Facebook would draw a broader number of users through the news feeds of the gamers… which distributed the message to non-gamers, and though this channel was cut back, the social media company has now announced that it is using the mobile news feed to test game stories. Until now, game companies have been forced to use paid marketing techniques and actual word of mouth (as opposed to its digital equivalent) in order to grow their user numbers. However, this reinstatement of the…

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Visiongain foresees explosive growth for the mobile augmented reality market

M-Commerce growth

A new report from Visiongain, an independent research agency, shows that the mobile augmented reality market is on the verge of explosive growth. The report, titled “Mobile Augmented Reality Report 2011-2016: Emerging Opportunities,” outlines the growth and evolution of the market around the world. As smart phones become more advanced, they are able to handle the technologic demands of augmented reality. More powerful smart phones have enable telecommunications and technology companies to tap into a new dimension of interactivity that consumers have, thus far, responded well to. The report shows…

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