Christmas themed mobile games updates released from G5 Entertainment

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The firm has issued a slew of holiday-themed content in several of its most popular game apps. G5 Entertainment has launched updates for Christmas themed mobile games in many of its most popular apps. These have allowed players to continue enjoying the games they love while getting into the holiday spirit. Many game developers have jumped onboard the tradition of decorating their apps for the season. In fact, when it comes down to it, many of the G5 Entertainment updates for Christmas themed mobile games arrived later than those from…

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Mobile ad for porn displayed in children’s app

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The advertisement was shown on the screen of the Talking Tom Android application for kids as young as 5 years. Regulators are currently investigating a situation involving a highly inappropriate mobile ad placement, in which a port site’s sexually explicit advertisements appeared on the screen in a children’s game app. The game that displayed the banner ad was meant for kids as young as five years old, called Talking Tom. The mobile ad was for a company called The banner advertisement featured a picture of several naked women who…

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Mobile app, Flappy Bird, taken down by its creator

Flappy Bird mobile app

The young Vietnamese man behind the highly popular game said that it “ruins my simple life.” Despite the fact that the Flappy Bird mobile app had surged to tremendously successful download numbers, particularly this year, the creator of the game has now taken it down from the Apple App Store and Google Play, because he feels that it has ruined his life. The creator of the game is from Vietnam and originally uploaded the mobile game last year. Though the game was available in 2013, it wasn’t until the start…

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