Top gadgets of 2013 list released by Time

Chromecast top gadgets

The device that made its way to the very top, this year, was the Chromecast, for streaming video content. According to the top gadgets list for this year, as was just released by Time, the best device of the year was the Chromecast media streaming device that was available for a list price of an affordable $35, beating off heavy competition from Microsoft, Apple, and even Nokia. The magazine giant produced its list of the best ten devices that were released this year for consumers. Its explanation for naming the…

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Gadgets release from LG includes the G Flex curved phone

mobile gadgets

This device takes into account that the traditional flat devices don’t follow the curve of their users’ heads. Samsung may be the manufacturer that has made the most noise regarding its curved gadgets, but it is certainly not alone in the marketplace, as LG has now unveiled its own version of this type of device. The new LG G Flex is considered to be a sleek and curved new version of a “phablet”. The phone and tablet crossover gadgets are drawing a tremendous amount of attention from the tech world.…

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Gadgets from Samsung marketed as fictional devices brought to reality

gadgets samsung galaxy gear

The Galaxy Gear line is pointing out the similarity between the smartwatch and science fiction machines. Samsung has launched a new advertising campaign for its Galaxy Gear wearable mobile gadgets that draws attention to a nostalgic connection that consumers already have with this cutting edge technology. Despite the fact that these are state of the art devices, similar concepts have been on television for decades. The new adverts for the Samsung wearable gadgets have been drawn from old films and television show favorites such as Inspector Gadget, Knight Rider, and…

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Gadgets from Sony could skyrocket mobile photography

smartphone gadgets camera lens

Detachable camera lenses for smartphones could completely change the photo taking environment. Sony has unveiled its newest gadgets in the form of detachable smartphone lenses, which have the potential for changing the way that people take pictures using their mobile devices. Some wonder whether this will take off, or if this might simply be too niche to be mainstream. The Sony QX-10 and QX-100 gadgets function quite simply by connecting with the smartphone to become the viewfinder. These two stand alone lenses use either NFC technology or Wi-Fi in order…

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Gadgets and apps help parents boost back to school phone safety

technology news mobile phone safety

As kids head back to the classrooms, moms and dads are looking for ways to make sure their devices are used safely. As the new school year revs up, kids and teens are given pens, pencils, and – of course – the latest high tech smartphones and other wireless gadgets to help to make sure that they can keep in touch and keep up with their friends. But parents are also becoming increasingly aware of the safety risk involved in giving these electronics. Though gadgets are seen as a way…

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