New mobile device could make mobile payments more secure

mobile payments trends

Smartphone comes equipped with biometric technology that can scan a person’s iris Mobile payments are gaining more popularity, but this popularity is also raising concerns regarding the security of making transactions with a smartphone. Security concerns have slowed the adoption of mobile payments, causing many companies to take steps to improve the overall safety of their mobile services. In Japan, NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu are partnering together in order to address the issue of mobile payments security, and the companies are taking a novel approach on the issue. The iris…

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QR codes in the form of coupons bring real-time info from the TV screen

QR Codes Television smart TV mobile payments

Fujitsu has demoed a new application that shows some new potential for multi-screen marketing. The Fujitsu company demonstrated a new use for QR codes at CREATEC JAPAN 2013, where they showed that smartphone and tablet users can receive real-time coupons and embedded information from their favorite television programs. The technology uses these barcodes to allow information to be embedded into video that is streaming live. These QR codes can also embed information into regular TV and smart devices, in addition to recorded video. The surprising part of the demonstration was…

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QR codes that are invisible demoed by Fujitsu

QR codes on tv

The technology has been designed to provide an interactive television marketing experience. This year, at CEATEC (the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies), Fujitsu made waves by introducing an all new form of invisible QR codes. The demonstration included an explanation of how they will make television advertising interactive. The interactive technology was developed by Fujitsu in order to use QR codes to provide viewers with a new form of second screen experience from their televisions. This makes it possible for advertisers to provide this second screen enhanced opportunity without any…

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