Mobile marketing battle launched between Amazon and FTC

Amazon mobile commerce

The massive online marketplace is fighting the Federal Trade Commission over in-app purchases. Inc. has decided that it is not going to take the new FTC mobile marketing policies for in-app purchases sitting down, and has decided to fight the requests that the regulator has made for the company to comply. Other companies that have received this same request, such as Apple, have already settled over this controversial issue. The center of this conflict is a common complaint from consumers regarding apps that can be downloaded for free but…

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Mobile carrier, T-Mobile USA being sued by US

T-Mobile mobile network carrier Technology News

American authorities have filed a complaint alleging that the company has been adding unauthorized charges to bills. The mobile carrier giant, T-Mobile USA has had a complaint filed against it by the United States with an accusation that the service provider has been charging customers millions of dollars in added unauthorized charges. The authorities are accusing the company of a billing practice which is better known as “cramming”. The charges in question that were being added by the mobile carrier to the bills it has been sending to its customers…

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Mobile security warning issued by FTC

mobile security for smartphone

Smartphone payments may not be as safe as we think, says the Federal Trade Commission. As payments made over smartphones and tablets are on the rise, the Federal Trade Commission has just released a report regarding their perspective on the state of mobile security in m-commerce, and the possible downfalls that it presents. One of the studies included in the report showed that smartphone payments will be mainstream by 2015. The report from the FTC indicated that with this type of adoption as a guide, both carriers and transaction processors,…

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