Mobile security through transparency recommended by FTC report

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The recommendations were made at a time that smartphone payments systems are still struggling to take off. A new report from the FTC is recommending that smartphone payments systems offer greater mobile security and transparency in order to increase their appeal to consumers by shrinking one of the largest barriers that is standing in the way of mass adoption. At the moment, there is no single payments system that is taking a considerable lead among consumers. Though it is widely believed that giants such as Google Wallet, ISIS, Square, and…

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Mobile security warning issued by FTC

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Smartphone payments may not be as safe as we think, says the Federal Trade Commission. As payments made over smartphones and tablets are on the rise, the Federal Trade Commission has just released a report regarding their perspective on the state of mobile security in m-commerce, and the possible downfalls that it presents. One of the studies included in the report showed that smartphone payments will be mainstream by 2015. The report from the FTC indicated that with this type of adoption as a guide, both carriers and transaction processors,…

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