QR Codes on Steroids

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What’s a QR Code? They are those rather odd looking black and white square barcode now appearing in your magazines, newspapers and on your favorite products. By scanning them with an app on your phone they can open websites. Truth is we believe the QR code is just a bit, well, boring. Why not shake it up – perhaps add 3D layers, and sound? That humble QR code can do so much more for you if it’s an onvert™ code. Onvert can do everything a QR can do plus 3D…

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TagMyDoc service launches, enabling tech-savvy individuals to stamp a QR code on their documents


A new online service has launched for those interested in plastering QR codes on their documents. TagMyDoc aims to help those familiar with QR codes to incorporate the mobile technology into their printed materials, whatever they may be. The service, while still in beta testing, may appeal to both college students and job seekers alike, as it will give these people access to a powerful promotional tool. At present, the service is free, though that may change in the future depending on how successful it ends up becoming. QR codes…

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Toyota adopts QR codes to help customers control their accounts

Toyota Payment App

Toyota Financial Services, the U.S. financing and insurance arm of the automaker, has launched a application for smart phones that aims to bring customers a better experience when managing their accounts online. The company has taken a unique approach to the matter by adopting QR codes, which will allow consumers with quick access to their accounts. Using the app, customers can generate a free, personalized QR code, which can then be printed and attached to anything they can think of. QR codes are becoming a very popular way for companies…

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World’s first QR protection application coming from Symantec

QR code Scanner App

There can be no doubt that QR codes are becoming vastly popular. Both businesses and individuals are finding uses for the codes that range from expansive marketing campaigns to personal branding. The codes are not only grabbing the attention of tech-savvy companies and consumers, however, they are also attracting the notice of people looking to exploit their rampant popularity. The number of malicious QR codes is growing and most mobile consumers are entirely exposed to the risk such codes present. Symantec, a renowned security firm, has created the world’s first…

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New analytic platform for QR codes and other mobile barcodes could become a useful tool for small businesses

QR Code Statistics

Codeascope, a new mobile barcode startup, has announced the launch of its first analytics and management platform. The platform allows users to create a variety of barcode and other datamatrix tags. The creators of the platform have put emphasis on QR codes, as they are becoming quite popular in the marketing world. The thing that sets Codeascope apart from other analytic and management tools is that it is completely free, allowing users from all walks of life and industry to make use of QR codes and track their performance. Since…

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