Mobile commerce predicted to reach $25 billion in 2013

Mobile Commerce projections

The boom of smartphone and tablet based shopping is here and it is predicted to sail this year. In the first half of 2013, comScore recorded mobile commerce sales as having reached $10 billion in the United States, alone, and that firm’s latest survey data is now suggesting that by the end of this year, that figure could rise to exceed $25 billion. Last year by the halfway point, the sales over smartphones and tablets had been at $8.3 billion. For the entire year of 2012, mobile commerce brought in…

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Mcommerce has yet to lead to big sales


Retailers have yet to achieve consistent large sales through smartphone shoppers. Though there has been considerable hype around the subject of mcommerce over the last while, many retailers have yet to feel excited about the channel, as they aren’t yet seeing sales that make them feel that all of the effort, funds, and resources that it requires to work into a strategy are worth it. A new report has now shown that retailers may be right in their suspicions, as it generates only a small fraction of sales. Though this…

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Mobile commerce taking off in the United Kingdom

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U.K. smartphone owners increasingly using devices as a part of their shopping experience. New research in Britain has shown that mobile commerce is becoming ever more popular among smartphone users in the country, as a growing number of related affordable and convenient services also become available, such as cheap shipping prices. The survey identified the U.K. as a leader in online ordering over smartphones. The study was conducted by Forrester research, which then released a report which identified the large population in the United Kingdom, its high online shipping penetration…

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