GMO QR code labels law leads to lawsuit against Trump administration

USDA qr code labels GMO food organic

The Center for Food Safety filed a federal lawsuit regarding lack of legal labeling compliance. Last week, the Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a federal lawsuit against the Trump administration regarding the GMO QR code labels promised in a 2016 federal law, and the government’s failure to comply with that law. The quick response codes were supposed to be added to labels regarding genetically engineered (GE) food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue are responsible for the implementation of new food labeling regulations.…

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QR codes boost food traceability in NZ

QR code tracing fruit

A new quick response code system has been implemented to help consumers learn their product sources. A traceability system has now been developed in New Zealand, which is meant to give consumers QR codes to scan so they will be able to use their smartphones to rapidly discover the sources of the products they want to buy. The quick response codes were chosen because of their low cost and ease of use through any smartphone. The system is called IDlocate and has been created by a company headquartered in Auckland,…

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QR codes on fruit clamshell packaging boots mobile marketing

qr codes on fruit produce

The Farmers Fresh Fruit Company has announced the integration of quick response codes into its label design. The Farmers Fresh Fruit Company has now revealed the redesigned version of their California Thomcord Variety of produce, which now contains QR codes that can be scanned by consumers to learn more about the product and the company. The quick response code was custom designed for the packaging to make it smartphone friendly. As was discussed in the July 11 edition of the QR Code Detective in “Can you learn from the produce…

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QR codes added to VG Farms meat products by Longo’s and Market stores

qr codes food meat longos vg farms

The Canadian grocery chain retailer has now partnered with the local provider will use quick response codes. Retailer and grocery store chain, Longo’s, from Ontario, Canada, has announced a partnership with VG Farms to provide local meat to all of its stores, including those under the Market brand, and will use QR codes to help to keep consumers informed. The quick response codes will be used to allow the meat products to be traced back to their sources. The entire Longo’s offering of meat that is raised within the local…

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QR codes require a careful balance, even when labeling fish!

qr codes fish counter

Black Restaurant Group is providing transparency and traceability to its customers. The Black Restaurant Group has decided that it is time to break away from the dubious reputation of the seafood industry, and is now using QR codes to give its customers the ability to learn a great deal more about each type of fish that they sell. The purpose is to give consumers the ability to inform themselves and to shop and dine with confidence. Although the creation and use of these QR codes has proved to be a…

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