Mobile apps that clone Flappy Bird are being taken down

Flappy Bird mobile apps

Google and Apple are cracking down on games that attempt to replicate the now unavailable application. It has recently been observed that both Google and Apple are cracking down on any new mobile apps that are being added to try to clone the concept of the recently terminated “Flappy Bird” and take advantage of the tremendous number of people who have been trying to obtain a copy of the application. As we reported last week, the highly popular and addictive game was taken down by its creator. Behind the Flappy…

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Mobile app, Flappy Bird, taken down by its creator

Flappy Bird mobile app

The young Vietnamese man behind the highly popular game said that it “ruins my simple life.” Despite the fact that the Flappy Bird mobile app had surged to tremendously successful download numbers, particularly this year, the creator of the game has now taken it down from the Apple App Store and Google Play, because he feels that it has ruined his life. The creator of the game is from Vietnam and originally uploaded the mobile game last year. Though the game was available in 2013, it wasn’t until the start…

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