McDonald’s fitness bands have now been recalled due to skin irritation

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The fast food chain had already stopped giving them out in Happy Meals and now the devices are recalled. The McDonald’s fitness bands have reached a new level of irritation for the fast food chain. Initially, it had been complaints of skin irritation, now that has risen to the level of burns. To protect the safety of its customers, it has recalled the Step-It wristbands. Unfortunately, this will be a massive undertaking as it had already sold over 32 million Happy Meals containing them. The McDonald’s fitness bands had been…

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The market for wearable technology could soon include 385 million people

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If the wearables market does grow as many expect it will, it could potentially alter the way we “consume and use information”. Erinn Murphy and Christof Fischer, of the bank and asset firm, Piper Jaffray, recently released a note to clients that stated that “wearable technology will be the next generation of devices to transform how individuals consume and use information.” While the adoption of smartwatches has not been a rapid one, wearable tech as a whole has been taking off. The note indicated that it may not be long…

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YouGov says wearable tech will play an important role in retail

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As smartwatches enter the mainstream, retailers will need to embrace this technology in order to keep up. According to a recent statement made by YouGov, as wearable tech becomes a growing part of the everyday lives of the majority of the population, brick and mortar retailers are going to need to start to embrace what these devices have to offer in order to improve their in-store experience in a way that will allow them to compete with online-only merchants. The statement, made by YouGov director Russell Feldman, called wearables “an…

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Wearable technology from UNICEF to boost child fitness

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The charitable organization is also hoping to use wearables to help to combat malnutrition in kids. UNICEF has made a move into wearable technology that has surprised many people around the world, as the launch of its Kid Power program has involved distributing high tech fitness bands to thousands of kids in schools across the United States. The reason that UNICEF has made this move into wearables for kids has two separate but connected purposes. According to U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s Caryl Stern, “One in four American kids is underactive…

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Wearables making health claims will now be FDA regulated

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In an effort to ensure that medical promises made by wearable technology are trustworthy, they will be subject to regulation. The idea of putting on wearables such as pedometers, fitness bands, and even smartwatches, before beginning a workout has become relatively commonplace, to the point that there are many people who simply wear their devices all the time, regardless of whether they are awake or asleep. That said, the more products there are on the wearable technology shelves, the grander their claims seem to be. The U.S. Food and Drug…

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