Mobile marketing for apps continues its costly trend

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Smartphone application developers are finding that it is increasingly expensive to advertise their products. A new report has been issued by Fisksu, the mobile marketing firm, which has revealed that inflation is continuing to cause a large amount of grief for app developers who are finding the cost of advertising their applications is only becoming more expensive as time goes by. This rise in the price of each new download is becoming problematic for many app developers. The Fiksu mobile marketing report showed that when compared to the cost of…

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Holiday mobile marketing looks strong following October Index

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Fiksu has predicted that smartphones will be a very important channel throughout the shopping season. According to the latest Fiksu Index data, which has now shown the latest figures in the areas of daily download volume and cost per loyal app user for the most popular applications on the iPhone – with the focus on the latest iPhones, the 5S and 5C, the firm is predicting that holiday mobile marketing will be an exceptionally important for reaching and attracting consumers. This Index indicated that in October, the cost per loyal…

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Fiksu data shows price of mobile marketing down and download of apps even out

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Fiksu, Inc., the first mobile ecosystem-wide app user acquisition platform in the industry, has reported that in February 2012, there was an evening out of the downloading of mobile apps, after the post-holiday boom in January which broke all previous records. The company’s data also showed that the price of acquiring new loyal app users experienced only a marginal increase during that month. The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index showed that there was a decrease in the number of daily downloads by 6 percent, from January’s average of 6.79 million,…

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