First iPhone launched a substantial mobile phone trend involving head injuries

Mobile phone trend - woman walking looking at mobile phone

When Apple released the first ever smartphone, people started hurting themselves and it’s still happening. There’s no mystery that looking down while walking increases risk of injuries, but a mobile phone trend began when the iPhone first entered the scene. The smarter cell phones get, the more dangerously people are using them while distracted. According to new research, in 2007, the year Apple first released the iPhone, a new mobile phone trend began. That same year, the number of head injuries linked with cell phones took off. The research findings…

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Mobile technology achieves astounding growth in Africa

africa mobile technology

Innovation is reaching an explosive rate in the continent in a range of different sectors. The massive penetration of mobile technology in Africa, and the unique situation of the economies and cultures throughout its nations have provided a nearly ideal circumstance for innovation in these devices in a tremendous range of sectors from energy to banking and from education to agriculture. These cell phones, smartphones, tablets and other small screen devices are being used to solve widespread problems. According to the publisher and editor of Stuff magazine’s South African version,…

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