NFC tags are becoming more popular among fashion brands

NFC Tags - Adidas Shoes

Near field communication technology is being used to boost value and exclusivity for customers. Fashion NFC tags have come a long way since the first time Adidas used the technology for its shoes in 2014. Now, almost a decade later, brands are seeking to provide customers with an expanded digital experience using near field communication technology. The tech has become essentially ubiquitous in web3 ecosystems and among luxury brands. While NFC tags have become quite commonplace, not all brands that have invested in the technology have successfully integrated them into…

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Augmented reality bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds through new clothing line

Augmented Reality T Shirt

Augmented reality has been creeping ever so slowly into the fashion world. Earlier this year, British retailer Topshop introduced a virtual fitting room that made use of the technology. This idea has spread to other retailers and is fast becoming one of the more alluring novelties to come to the world of retail fashion. AR fitting rooms are relatively easy to set up as they are run on Microsoft’s Kinect platform. A new clothing line is emerging, however, that seeks to inject augmented reality into the clothing itself, allowing wearers…

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How is the fashion industry using technology these days

The Internet is becoming ever more integrated with reality as technology continues to advance. The ability to be everywhere at any given moment has taken the prestige out of attending popular events in person, particularly in the fashion world. The fashion industry has always been avant-garde, often on the cutting edge of the latest trends whether they are clothing or technology. As technology progresses, the industry is looking to take advantage of everyone’s omnipresence. Earlier this month, Burberry drew a lot of attention by streaming its autumn catwalk show live.…

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