QR codes bring farmers and shoppers together

meat qr codes food

By way of a new initiative, quick response codes will let consumers learn more about where their produce comes from. A new initiative based on QR codes has now been launched by a farmers’ group in Western Australia, which has been designed to help shoppers to use their smartphones in order to learn more about the produce that they are purchasing and serving to their families. These quick response codes will start to be applied to many different types of supermarket products. Among the types of product that will soon…

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QR codes used by produce grower to build connection with shoppers

Tanimura produce QR Codes

Tanimura & Antle has chosen to use consumers’ own smartphones to build a better relationship. In order to provide shoppers with more tips and information about the use of their produce, Tanimura & Antle has launched a program using QR codes in the hopes to build a connection with the people who are buying their products. These barcodes could be added to produce without adding any extra bulk. Being able to provide considerable information without adding size or weight was important, as produce is typically weighed in order to determine…

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Farmers embrace QR code marketing in effective and informative ways

QR code tracing fruit

Growers are using barcodes and other mobile technology to draw more customers. Though farmers are associated with tradition, they are also among the first to embrace technology that is proving itself effective for efficiency and profitability, and in this, they have become some of the most creative QR code users. Dewey Square farmers market in Boston and spray painted cows are only some examples. At this particular market, the farmers have been able to use quick response codes and mobile technology to help to inform their customers as well as…

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