Social media marketing is only the beginning for these authors

Perspective book series Youtube channel trailer - social media marketing

Book series writers Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell are taking multi-channel advertising to another level. For Perspective book series authors, Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell, social media marketing has been an integral part of the launch and continuing success of their fantasy fiction novels which so far include Love at First Plight and Second Wind. However, these authors haven’t stopped at social networks and have turned to every angle they can to spread the word. This effort has turned Giasson and Campbell into the exact opposite of the…

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Social media marketing trends have created a culture of e-authors

As a growing number of consumers read e-books, authors have had to change the way they reach their readers. The e-reader and the tablet have taken the world by storm, particularly among teens and the millennial generation, and these mobile trends are driving authors – particularly those of novels and e-books geared toward those age groups – to have to alter their strategies in engaging their readers by way of careful social media marketing. Upon publishing the first novel in the young adult fiction Perspective book series, “Love at First…

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