Star Wars augmented reality app gave fans interactive long weekend

Megan Wynters & Irys Godeleva Cosplay - Star Wars augmented reality - Toronto Fan Expo Canada 2017

Fans who wanted to celebrate Force Friday had a fun AR game to do it with as Labor Day weekend launched. Disney and Lucasfilm came together for the second Force Friday to offer fans a Star Wars augmented reality game app called “Find the Force.” The free game was available from Force Friday through to Sunday on Labor Day Weekend. It was a free and interactive opportunity that went alongside the sale of a huge amount of Star Wars Merchandise. The global Force Friday event is in celebration of the…

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QR Code Detective: Do tech experts use the best barcode marketing techniques?

This week, our investigators asked if companies focused on technology use quick response codes to their best advantage. Over the last few weeks, the QR Code Detective investigators have been examining the perfect ways to take advantage of quick response codes and they have looked into a broad spectrum of different applications of these barcodes in order to see how they have been used by different brands and mobile marketing firms. This week, we took a look at the usage of these black and white squares by more tech focused…

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