Social media marketing comes through to block anti-gay WBC protest

Social Media Marketing #standwithsam

One hash tag brought thousands of fans to block Westboro Baptist Church from demonstrating against Michael Sam. Last week, Missouri football sensation Michael Sam publicly came out as gay, but what truly made recent news headlines was the social media marketing campaign that fans created in order to support the player, particularly against the inevitable efforts of homophobes. This was particularly true of the gay bashing Westboro Baptist Church, which quickly announced intentions to protest. Not long after Sam came out, the Westboro Baptist Church revealed that it intended to…

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Social Media Marketing

Fashion accessories marketplace releases findings of its research comparing Facebook with Pinterest. One of the first online retailers to add Pinterest integration throughout its website,, has released an infographic format report that shares the findings of its social media marketing case study that compares Pinterest with Facebook. It was based on 50,000 visits to its website that originated at Pinterest, with the same number of visits that came from Facebook, within a span of 30 days from March to April 2012. The study examined the engagement and purchasing behaviors…

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