QR codes linked to profiles are some of Facebook’s newest features

Scan QR Codes for our Facebook page

The mobile app for the social network has now been updated with a number of new options including quick response codes. Facebook has just started to roll out a number of new features on its mobile app, which includes everything from personal QR codes that direct people to an individual’s profile, to the much discussed Nearby Feature option that alerts an individual when his or her friends are located close to where they are. While it looks as though the actual Nearby Friends option may be rolling out gradually, the…

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Facebook team adds giant QR code to rooftop

qr code on facebook building

In a recent hackathon by the Facebook Intellectual Property team, a 42 foot long QR code was created on the roof of the new Facebook office building. A member of that team, Mark Pike, came up with the idea after having read a blog post by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. The post inspired him, as it encouraged the company’s employees to decorate and spray paint the new Facebook office. Pike took this concept of a “Space Hackathon” quite literally and wanted his hackathon – based on a QR…

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Glamour magazine uses QR codes in print ads to successfully achieve 512,339 scans

Glamour Magazine QR Code

Glamour magazine, from Condé Nast, has achieved a striking success through the use of QR codes printed on several of its pages, which produced 512,339 scans. This pilot program, which occurred within its September “social edition” achieved these scans among an estimated two million readers, meaning that it managed to obtain a scan from approximately 1 in every 4 readers. The editorial and marketing departments at Glamour worked together to form content that pushed the download of a mobile app called “Friends & Fans”. The editorial piece told the magazine’s…

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The ABC’s of QR codes

  If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for an inexpensive way to get your business name or services out to the people; this is what you need to use. QR Codes. They are starting to emerge now in the U.S. and a few other countries. Japan has used them for years, and many European countries have started using them also. You have more than likely been seeing them all ready on certain product packaging, television commercials, or even on Facebook. They are square, 2D, black and…

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QR codes have a need for speed

On Saturday, high profile car manufacturer Ferrari débuted their latest competitive racer, the Ferrari 458 Italia GT, at a 12-hour Sebring endurance race. The car gained a lot of attention, not just because it was Ferrari’s latest entry in international competitive racing, but also because of the QR code emblazoned on the hood. The code also appears on the Risi Competizione team uniforms. When scanned, the code resolves to the team’s website. The code may have been the high point of the race for Ferrari. Their new F458GT was forced to…

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