Facebook mobile ad growth drives the social network’s earnings higher

The company’s financial performance moves upward despite criticism regarding Russia’s U.S. election interference. Facebook mobile ad growth is pushing the company’s earnings upward despite the negative press the company has been receiving. The social network has received heavy criticism regarding the role it played in Russia’s interference in the American presidential election last year. The company revealed that its quarterly revenue has spiked to $10.3 billion, a massive year over year growth. Facebook’s quarterly revenue of $10.3 billion is significantly higher than it was in the same quarter in 2016,…

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Mobile commerce is getting bigger on Facebook pages

facebook messenger mobile commerce internet

The social network has altered its mobile app to help to boost the ability of businesses to build shopping opportunities. Facebook is currently changing some of the features in its app in order to boost the appeal to businesses that are interested in creating mobile commerce storefronts within their regular pages. The latest design change provides businesses with the chance to create a call to action at the top of each page. That call to action gives businesses the chance to encourage visitors to click in order to visit a…

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Half of all revenues from mobile ads go to Google and Facebook

google browser texting

Last year, 50 percent of all revenues from smartphone and tablet based advertising went to these two giants. While Google still holds the position as the top earner through mobile ads, Facebook is quickly on the rise and is now starting to move into the territory that had previously been held by the top search engine. Together, however, the share of the mobile advertising market of the two companies is 50 percent. At a time in which the smartphone based advertising market has never been hotter, that 50 percent share…

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Facebook mobile apps dumps the Poke and Camera

facebook poke mobile app.jpg

These applications have now been removed from the iOS App Store by the social network giant. Facebook has now officially confirmed the removal of two of its mobile apps, which include the “Poke” application as well as the Camera, as neither of which have ever been all that popular among users. The original purpose for the Poke application had been to offer an alternative to Snapchat. Unfortunately for Facebook, from the point that it was first launched in December 2012, Poke was never to become one of its successful mobile…

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