Mobile commerce project at Facebook begins testing phase

Facebook mobile commerce

The massive social network is hoping to start powering smartphone and tablet based shopping for others. Facebook has just confirmed recent announcements that have been made at several reputable media outlets which indicated that it is now testing a new mobile commerce and payments system in which consumers would be able to use credit card data stored on Facebook in order to make purchases through third party apps. This represents a tremendous move by Facebook to step into the smartphone and tablet based shopping channel. In order to use the…

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Mobile payments at Facebook include carrier billing

Mobile commerce industry partnership

The social network hopes the new agreement with Orange France and Bango will boost its ability to monetize. Leading social network, Facebook, has announced its latest mobile payments news with its new steps to accept payments in France for its virtual services such as game credits and gifts in its content based on HTML5. These purchases can now be billed directly to the smartphone user’s wireless bill. This provides the user with another mobile payments option other than credit cards or premium SMS. France is not the first country to…

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Mobile commerce program begins at Facebook with its Gifts platform

Facebook Gifts Mobile Commerce

The social network is rolling out its new mobile service that allows real world purchases. Facebook has announced the launch of its new mobile commerce Gifts service, which lets its members purchase and send items from the real world as presents to the contacts on their friends lists. This service has rolled out on desktop and Google’s Android. It was also announced that a version designed for the Apple iOS will also be launched within the next few weeks. Facebook Gifts has been built on the mcommerce gifting platform called…

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Mobile payments now being accepted by Facebook in three countries

Facebook mobile social media marketing

Carrier billing transactions are now permitted in Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. Facebook has just announced that they will now be accepting mobile payments for the purchase of mobile products and services through American, German, and British carrier billing. This new purchasing opportunity is being powered by Bango. Facebook is hoping that this will bring a revolutionary new way to make mcommerce purchases of virtual products and services, no matter where the consumer may be at the time. It has also given Facebook the chance to use its own…

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Facebook announces partnership with Bango for mobile payment services

social media marketing

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, has announced that an agreement has been signed between it and Bango, and analytics and mobile billing company based in the United Kingdom. The technology at Bango concentrates on an increasing consumer market of smartphone owners who use their devices to access the internet and who are using their devices more frequently for making purchases and other online transactions. The white-label products from the company are able to collect mobile payments for the purchase of online services and content, and can also…

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