Social media marketing campaigns are seeing important gains

mobile social media marketing

The results of the various efforts this year are starting to produce figures as to their successes. A company called FrogAds has just released the results regarding the achievements of the social media marketing campaigns that it has had in place since June of this year, and they have produced some figures that could help to shape the decisions made for next year’s campaigns. That company has been rated by Alexa as being in the 130,600 spot after Craigslist. Craigslist is currently ranked by Alexa in the 43rd position. The…

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Facebook mobile takes a significant hit as three more key employees leave

social media marketing

More marketing and smartphone execs after having lost another one last week. Yet another group of key employees have walked away from Facebook mobile and marketing, which has become quite a trend with the company since May when its IPO was so poorly received. The last seven days have been especially painful as three more defections took place. The first to announce his departure was Ethen Beard, who was responsible for developing top app maker relationships with the company. Since then, a platform marketing director, Katie Mitic, announced that she…

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Facebook begins testing new mobile marketing platform

Facebook mobile social media marketing

Ad program targets developers of mobile applications Since going public earlier this year, Facebook has been faced with several challenges in terms of stocks and revenue. The company is currently in need of increasing its revenue generation significantly, which means that it is beginning to focus more on its mobile strategy. The social network is beginning to focus more on its use of mobile advertisements for developers of applications. The company is currently testing a new ad program for developers, which will enable them to target a wider audience while…

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