Patent reveals new details about Facebook AR glasses

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A patent filing has provided more details about the yet to be released augmented reality glasses. Although the much anticipated Facebook AR glasses are not due to be released until sometime in the future, a few more details regarding how these glasses might function have been revealed in a new patent filing. Among these details include hints about the audio function of the new device. The wearable technology could be equipped with a “cartilage conduction audio system”. The Facebook AR glasses patent, which was filed back in January but was…

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Augmented reality glasses race heats up between Facebook and Apple

augmented reality glasses facebook youtube apple

The two companies look like they’re going head to head in this tech development battle. Recent reports show that both Facebook and Apple are working on their own versions of augmented reality glasses. There have been forecasts suggesting that these devices may become popular enough to take the place currently held by smartphones. Over a year ago, Apple assembled a team to look into the feasibility of AR glasses for mainstream use. Now, it appears as though Apple is pouring an increasing amount of its resources into augmented reality glasses…

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Augmented reality may revitalize social networking

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Facebook fatigue may be wearing on consumers Social networks have come to play a significant role in the lives of many people. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter regularly entertain millions, keeping friends, family, and even enemies connected to one another through the online world. Recently, however, consumers have been showing a degree of fatigue with platforms like Facebook. This concept was discussed at the Digital Shoreditch event held in London, UK. During the event, Christophe Mallot, social media strategy advisory for Carve Consulting, claimed that Facebook was faced with…

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