iPhones with USB-C are on their way

USB-C Cable and iPhone

Apple has announced that it will comply with the battery charging cable regulations from the EU. Apple has announced that it will begin producing iPhones that will be compliant with USB-C battery charging cables, more than likely eliminating the Lightning cable it has used for the last ten years. The European Union has determined that electronics companies must use the universal chargers. A newly announced rule in the European Union will require that all new smartphones – and other similar rechargeable devices – work with a universal USB-C cable by…

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EU intends to enforce single phone charger port in coming weeks

Phone charger port - EU Flags

The European Union intends to move forward with a step to create a universal connector. The European Union is getting ready to move ahead with plans to enforce a common phone charger port for mobile phones, tablets and headphones. Apple has been vocally opposed to the move, as it would be required to lose its Lightning connector. The EU is expected to confirm its commitment to enforce a single type of phone charger port this week. It would mean that instead of the Lightning connector, Apple would be required to…

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United Kingdom leads Europe in mobile commerce

United Kingdom mobile commerce

Report highlights mobile shopping trends throughout the European Union TNS, a leading market research firm, has released a new report regarding the state of mobile commerce in Europe. Many Europeans have been growing quite fond of shopping online from their mobile devices in recent years. The number of people doing so has increased significantly as smartphones and tablets become more available throughout Europe. In the United Kingdom, consumers seem to be much more enthusiastic about mobile shopping than those in other countries, according to the report from TNS. UK consumers…

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European Commission to determine whether mobile commerce project from the UK can proceed

M-Commerce Industry

Regulators with the European Commission, the legislative arm of the European Union, are determining whether to grant approval for a mobile commerce project from the United Kingdom. The project has been dubbed “Project Oscar” and is a joint venture amongst three of the UK’s largest telecommunications companies: Everything Everywhere, O2, and Vodafone U.K. The project seeks to promote mobile commerce through the spreading of NFC technology and mobile devices. The companies also want to build a system that would store the financial information of consumers so that this information is…

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Greenpeace launches new campaign against Volkswagen

Greenpeace QR Code Campaign

Greenpeace, the non-governmental environmental advocacy group, has launched a new protest against German car maker Volkswagen. The organization has a long history of railing against companies they believe to be harming the environment. With growing concerns regarding climate change, many nations are drafting new laws to help combat the phenomena. The European Union is currently considering two climate-oriented laws that would put strict regulations on carbon emissions and require car manufacturers to make more efficient vehicles. Greenpeace believes that Volkswagen is participating in a campaign to derail the progress of…

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