Mobile commerce market to reach new heights in 2019

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Mobile technology is playing a larger, more dominating role in society as a whole Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum throughout the world as society becomes more reliant on mobile technology. Consumers around the world are beginning to use their smartphones for nearly everything in their daily lives and new generations are coming up steeped in technology of all kinds. This is promising for the mobile commerce market as smartphones are having a sort of revolutionary effect on global economics as well as how people interact with one another and…

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Mobile commerce is growing throughout Europe

Mobile Commerce Trends

New report highlights the trends emerging throughout Europe Market research firm yStats has released a new report concerning the mobile commerce sector in Europe. The report, called “Europe M-Commerce Snapshot 2014,” suggests that more consumers are becoming interested in the idea of shopping online and purchasing products from their mobile devices. Mobile shopping is praised among consumers for its convenient nature as it can take place anywhere and at any time. Mobile shopping is particularly popular among commuters that have limited time to visit physical stores. Mobile shopping activity is…

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Vodafone to launch mobile payments service in Europe

mobile payments Europe

M-Pesa to break into the European market this year, beginning in Romania Vodafone has announced that its M-Pesa mobile payments service will be launched in Romania, signifying the service’s first entry into the European market. M-Pesa has existed in Africa since 2007 and has done much to transform commerce in several African countries. The service is often praised for its convenient nature and the fact that it can be used on older mobile devices. The service is text-based, which means that it can be used by a wide range of…

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Internet speed has a major influence on mobile commerce

mobile commerce internet speed

Mobile Internet gaining more attention in Europe Mobile commerce has been gaining ground throughout Europe, but its adoption may be being slowed by slow Internet connections. Many people have come to rely on their mobile Internet connection, so much so that any device that cannot connect to the Internet is typically ignored by consumers. Exposure to the Internet and the convenience it can offer to the world of commerce has lead to a dramatic rise in the demand for comprehensive mobile commerce services. The problem, however, is that these services…

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Mobile commerce audience in Europe is expanding

mobile commerce participation

Mobile commerce shows signs of growth throughout Europe Mobile commerce is beginning to show signs of healthy growth throughout Europe. Many consumers in Europe have become heavily reliant on their smartphones and tablets, and these devices play a significant role in their daily lives. A new report from leading research firm comScore shows that the European mobile retail audience is showing signs of exponential growth as consumers begin to look for more efficient alternatives to traditional payment platforms. comScore sheds light on promising trends According to comScore, the European mobile…

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