Mobile commerce is growing aggressively in Europe

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Europe has seen a major surge in mobile shopping in recent years More consumers are beginning to get involved in the mobile commerce space in Europe. The continent is home to the highest smartphone penetration in the world and many consumers are beginning to rely on their devices to get their shopping done. According to Twenga, an online open shopping search engine, online spending from mobile devices in Europe has doubled from 2014 through 2015. Mobile payments now account for 25% of all online purchases being made in the region.…

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Mobile payments firm launches ambitious new product

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iZettle launches new capital advance product, expanding into new markets iZettle, a European mobile payments firm, has announced that it is expanding services that will be tantamount to offering small business loans. The service, which is designed to be a capital advance product, is called iZettle Advance. The new service will be available to a small number of customers that require funds to grow their business operations. This will allow the firm to cater to a wider range of customers, enabling organizations to embrace mobile commerce and allowing iZettle to…

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Samsung teams with MasterCard for mobile payments

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Samsung is working with MasterCard to augment new mobile payments service Samsung has announced that it has partnered with MasterCard for its new mobile payments platform. Later this year, Samsung intends to launch its first mobile payments service, called Samsung Pay, in Europe. The company will compete directly with Apple, which plans to launch its own payment service in the European market later this year as well. With MasterCard, Samsung believes that it will have an edge in this competition and could limit the success that Apple sees in the…

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Mobile commerce is booming in Europe

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New report highlights the performance of mobile shopping in European countries Mobile commerce is experiencing a promising period of success in Europe, according to a new report from yStats. The report shows that countries in Western Europe boast of high degrees of smartphone and tablet penetration, which is creating a favorable environment for mobile payments to thrive within. Mobile devices have become part of people’s lives in these countries and many are becoming more comfortable with the notion of mobile shopping. The report notes that Sweden and the United Kingdom…

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Mobile commerce is growing throughout Europe

Mobile Commerce Trends

New report highlights the trends emerging throughout Europe Market research firm yStats has released a new report concerning the mobile commerce sector in Europe. The report, called “Europe M-Commerce Snapshot 2014,” suggests that more consumers are becoming interested in the idea of shopping online and purchasing products from their mobile devices. Mobile shopping is praised among consumers for its convenient nature as it can take place anywhere and at any time. Mobile shopping is particularly popular among commuters that have limited time to visit physical stores. Mobile shopping activity is…

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