QR codes from Mercedes assist emergency responders

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

The first professionals to arrive on an accident scene can use these quick response codes for information. For the majority of people who recognize QR codes, they would say that they see them most frequently in product packaging and advertising, but Mercedes-Benz is working to change the image that comes to mind when they see these barcodes, as it is using them to provide emergency first responders with critical information that they can use when responding to the scene of an accident. This use of the quick response codes could…

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Mercedes-Benz claims QR codes can save lives

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

QR codes are moving beyond marketing QR codes are most often seen as marketing tools and have served well as such for several years. The codes were initially developed to keep track of inventory, but have evolved to become a very effective information distribution and consumer engagement tool. While QR codes are most common in the field of marketing, they have proven their usefulness in other fields as well and have now captured the attention of Mercedes-Benz. Automaker shows strong interest in QR codes The acclaimed automaker is no stranger…

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