EU member states agree on one mobile charging port starting 2024

Charging Port - EU Agreement

European Union members and legislators have agreed to mandate USB Type-C starting late that year. The EU will be mandating a single charging port for mobile phones, cameras and tablets, requiring them to use only USB Type-C as of late 2024. This comes as a substantial blow to Apple and its lightning cable that is specific to its devices. The agreement arrived this week, after much speculation regarding whether the EU would indeed make a decision to choose a single charging port for mobile devices, and when it would begin…

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EU intends to enforce single phone charger port in coming weeks

Phone charger port - EU Flags

The European Union intends to move forward with a step to create a universal connector. The European Union is getting ready to move ahead with plans to enforce a common phone charger port for mobile phones, tablets and headphones. Apple has been vocally opposed to the move, as it would be required to lose its Lightning connector. The EU is expected to confirm its commitment to enforce a single type of phone charger port this week. It would mean that instead of the Lightning connector, Apple would be required to…

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Closing the Loop implements new program to boost cell phone recycling

cell phone recycling - mobile phones

On average, only 25% of the mobile phones people throw out are recycled. Cell phone recycling isn’t as common as you might think. There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people by over 1 billion and an estimated additional 1.5 billion are expected to be churned out by electronic manufacturers this year alone. It is estimated that only about 25% of phones that are tossed are recycled and this percentage is far lower in some places, including only about 1% in Africa. Now, Closing the Loop…

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