Wearable technology now comes in the form of a skin patch

wearable technology mhealth electronic skin patch

This latest entry into mobile health is an electronic piece that wirelessly sends data to a phone or PC. A new form of wearable technology is now on its way into the mobile health industry, in the form of an electronic skin patch that will track a number of different medical indicators that will then be wirelessly transmitted to either a computer or a smartphone. This represents the very latest in mobile health tech and medical tracking devices. This new mhealth wearable technology was created by a team of researchers…

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NFC-Enabled skin patches coming from GENTAG

Mobile Technology

GENTAG Inc., a technology company specializing in wireless sensory technology, has announced that it has been awarded two new patents from the U.S. government. The patents will allow the company to build up its portfolio with telecommunications companies who are looking to make use of NFC technology. GENTAG’s new patents cover a series of disposable wireless sensors that are designed to be used with the next generation of mobile devices, all of which are expected to be NFC compatible. Furthermore, the second patent GENTAG was awarded covers the development of…

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