How to Make EHR in 2021: Must-Have Features and Cost

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Digitalization is transforming many industries, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Digitalization brings innovation to established medical processes making them more efficient. If we talk about digitalization in healthcare, then often we will always talk about EHR and EMR software. These solutions help reduce the paperwork and grant access to patients’ healthcare data in just a few clicks. In this article, we’ll talk about EHR development and go over ways to make your own EHR system, must-have features for this kind of software, and how much it will cost.…

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Google Glass is taking off more rapidly in mobile health

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These augmented reality glasses are quickly taking on a heightened role in medicine and healthcare. As much as the users of Google Glass has received a considerable amount of scorn from the general population, it has managed to gain a considerable amount of respect in the medicine and health field, and is playing a growing role in healthcare. A number of healthcare products were released for this augmented reality headset. This was a timely release for Google Glass, as the technology giant is also expected to launch its Google Fit…

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