QR codes and “Mystery Skype” teach 4th grade geography

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This mobile technology is being implemented as a new tool to help fourth graders to learn. New Castle students in 4th grade at Carrie Downie Elementary School are now using QR codes and Mystery Skype to be able to connect with 63 other classrooms around the globe in order to give them a more authentic geography lesson. It may not be possible to take the kids on field trips around the world, but this might be the next best thing. The children will be talking to other classrooms around the…

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QR codes, beacons and cutting edge tech help museums light up the past

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Many museums may be focused on the past, but they are increasingly using the latest technology. The Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam is filled with gorgeous historical artifacts, but it is continually using QR codes and other forms of cutting edge technology to be able to share the importance of each of those items. The museum’s director and curator, Willem Sandberg was the first to introduce audio tours in 1952. Although recorded audio tour technology was the very latest thing and had never before been used in the museums of 1952,…

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QR codes bring the music of nature to smartphones

QR codes on trees support learning

Quick response codes have been posted on placards in Knoxville parks to share the songs of the trees. In a broad scale effort to help to teach locals and visitors about the parks in Knoxville, the Tennessee Nature Conservancy has decided to take QR codes and apply them in a new and interesting way. They have brought a range of famous musicians together to share a video that can be accessed through scans. According to the Tennessee Nature Conservancy state director, Gina Hancock, “Some of the most famous musicians in…

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QR codes help school to publish mobile friendly yearbook

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The Northeast Magnet high school in Wichita is using quick response codes and augmented reality, this year. Justin Bell, an educator and yearbook advisor from the Northeast Magnet high school in Wichita, Nebraska, has helped this year’s yearbook committee to be able to publish an edition that features QR codes and augmented reality features to ensure that it won’t simply become a dust collector. According to Bell, the current generation isn’t satisfied with simply looking at printed photos. He explained that “nowadays this generation doesn’t just speak in pictures,” and…

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QR codes on rental cars can improve the customer experience

QR Codes Used For Car

These companies are using quick response codes in a number of ways to assist their drivers. Among the latest trends in the use of QR codes has been that of rental car companies that have been posting the barcodes on and in their vehicles, so that they will be able to learn more about the vehicle that they have rented. Moreover, these quick response codes can even direct the driver to a dealership that is local to them. That feature can be very handy for drivers who have rented the…

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