Tablet commerce is becoming a beloved shopping experience

Tablet Commerce

Consumers not only prefer these devices but are using them entirely differently than their smartphones. Though consumer behavior over smartphone and tablet commerce has already started to be seen as quite different when it comes to the way that they use the devices for retail shopping, recent statistics are starting to provide greater insight into those differences. People who use the larger of the two small screens have very distinct shopping behaviors. When it comes to tablet commerce, BI Intelligence has reported that users are more likely to do a…

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The importance of mobile marketing is gaining traction within small and medium enterprises in the UK

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A new marketing study suggests. Whilst many large businesses have been steadily investing in mobile marketing over the last few years, this progression has been much slower with smaller companies. In the study by PB Smart Essentials, it has been suggested that as few as 8% of small and medium enterprises even have a mobile optimised website. A mobile optimised website is a key for encouraging mobile commerce but it appears that smaller businesses are left wondering why (and even how) they should go about creating one. The study aimed…

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Mcommerce to play a vital role in UK sales over next decade

Mobile commerce and the future

New report releases results of predictions regarding online shopping by 2022. A new retail report has been released by the Economist Intelligence Unit which showed the way that the retail sector will be changing throughout the next decade due to e- and mcommerce as well as social media sales (s-commerce). It showed that all online purchases will make up more than one third of the sales in the U.K by 2022. At the moment, the combination of s-, e- and mcommerce make up around 10 percent of sales in the…

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Walmart introduces Polaris search engine

Walmart Pay app QR codes self checkout

Retailer attempts to solidify place in e-commerce with Polaris Retail giant Walmart is beginning to take e-commerce more seriously as consumers begin relying on their mobile devices more heavily. Walmart has announced the integration of its online and in-store properties through the creation of a proprietary search engine it is calling Polaris. The Polaris search engine will allow consumers to browse for the items they are interested in. The platform has been developed in-house through the @WalmartLabs. The retailer believes that the platform is the next step in its initiative…

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m-commerce trends highlighted in comScore report

Isis mobile commerce wallet

comScore calls attention to the state of online retail in the U.S. Last week, comScore, a leading digital business analytics firm, released data concerning the state of the shift away from desktop computers that is being seen in the U.S. The company’s report, which is titled “The State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q2 2012,” provides insight on a number of trends that are emerging in the U.S. and aims to provide information concerning the impact of mobile commerce, shopping, and online retail. The report suggests that mobile…

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