PayPal to expand Partner Program in order to promote growth of mobile commerce

Paypal mobile payments

PayPal aims to bring new mobile solutions to the retail sector E-commerce giant eBay has been working to partner with retailers in order to help them achieve omnichannel success. As the company begins to partner with retailers that have a physical presence, PayPal is looking to do the same. PayPal has announced that it is expanding its Partner Program in order to accommodate additional types of retailers. The expanded program will be launched during the summer and is expected to help retailers become more capable of handling the needs of…

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eBay launches new mobile commerce initiative in India

ebay mobile commerce

Mobile shopping continues to grow in popularity in India India has become a very attractive market when it comes to mobile commerce. The country has been experiencing a boom in smartphone penetration in recent years and this has lead to a rise in demand for mobile-centric services. Many retailers have begun to respond to this demand by becoming more accommodating of mobile payments and supporting mobile commerce in general. eBay India has launched a new initiative that seeks to further promote mobile commerce throughout India. eBay initiative aims to promote…

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eBay prepares to bring mobile commerce to Brazil

brazil mobile commerce ebay

eBay to launch new application to boost mobile commerce presence in Brazil Retail giant eBay is preparing to enter into Brazil’s e-commerce space and is set to launch its first fashion-centric mobile application. The application is meant to help the company establish a strong e-commerce presence among fashion consumers. The eBay Fashion application will be made available for both iOS and Android platforms and will allow users to browse and purchase clothing and other fashion products from select brands. The application will also serve as a modest mobile commerce platform,…

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PayPal and eBay promote mobile commerce to US government

mobile commerce services

US government showing more interest in mobile commerce Mobile commerce has been growing quite popular among consumers, but it may soon establish a strong following within the U.S. government. Commerce titan eBay has deployed its government relations teams, as well as that from PayPal, in order to engage federal and state lawmakers in Atlanta. The state is host to the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Legislative Summit, a gathering of lawmakers throughout the country. Here, eBay has exposed these legislative officials the benefits of mobile commerce and e-commerce technologies. Consumers…

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Mobile commerce at eBay is no longer separate from overall shopping

Ebay augmented reality Mobile Commerce

Von Schirmeister has announced that the company is no longer made up of individual channels. According to Alexander von Schirmeister, the eBay Europe vice president of marketing, operations, and advertising, the role of the company in retail is no longer defined by channels such as mobile commerce or online shopping, but is instead an overall shopping experience. Von Schirmeister said that “eBay is not m-commerce or e-commerce, it’s commerce period.” This announcement was made at the most recent IAB Mobile Engage conference, at which von Schirmeister was a speaker and…

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