Smart clothing models to be launched by DoCoMo this year

docomo wearable technology smart clothing

The company is planning a range of different moves in wearable technology before 2014 is through. NTT DoCoMo, from Japan, is starting an effort that would bring itself into the wearable technology market and that will have smart clothing on the shelves before the completion of this year. The company used the Mobile Asia Expo to be able to demo a number of its new mobile devices and gadgets. The smart clothing is made from a special kind of fabric that will allow for the transmission of bioelectrical signals so…

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DoCoMo’s Tsujimura speaks out about NFC technology and its place in the U.S. market

mobile wallets

Will NFC technology take off in the US like it has in Japan? Japan’s largest telecommunications company, DoCoMo Inc., has been working to develop its NFC infrastructure and services offered to consumers recently. The company is a leader in mobile technology in Japan and was the first to bring mobile Internet access to the country. The company has big plans to continue being the leading user of NFC technology in Japan, but believes that the technology will find major success in the U.S. DoCoMo senior executive vice president Kiyoyuki Tsujimura…

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Augmented reality glasses could push the boundaries of the technology to new heights

Augmented Reality Glasses Project Glass

Practical uses for augmented reality are still quite scarce. Companies investing in the technology do so for the sake of marketing campaigns or as a feature for next generation games. Japanese telecommunications company DoCoMo, however, wants to change the way people use the technology – by making it a part of their body. While the concept may sound like something out of science-fiction, DoCoMo is actually building a pair of glasses – or, more accurately, a single lens – that will be packed with augmented reality technology. It has only…

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