QR codes disappoint Westland Peppers in the Netherlands

qr codes on fruit produce

The low response that they achieved from their barcode campaign for consumers let them down. Fresh produce companies have been rapidly implementing campaigns where they use QR codes on their marketing and directly on their product packages and stickers, to encourage consumers to learn more about where their food comes from, how it can be used, stored, and prepared, and why it is a part of a nutritious diet. However, while other companies have enjoyed positive results, Westland Peppers does not consider themselves among them. The company, located in Holland…

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QR codes are engaging retail consumers

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

Companies are discovering that their customers are enjoying an enriched experience through barcode scans. The black and white squares that make up QR codes have been called everything from ugly to funky and from vital to useless, but if there is one thing for certain, data is consistently revealing that consumers are scanning on an increasing basis. Retailers are finding that when they apply the barcodes properly, it can enhance the experience they provide. This is because the retailers can take advantage of the fact that consumers are now recognizing…

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QR codes are getting their revenge by performing well

QR codes scanning success

Despite the huge success the barcodes are achieving in China, there are still those who cling to doubt. Over the last few years, as mobile marketers have been learning the ropes for the proper use of QR codes, some of the epic failures have overshadowed the many massive successes that their campaigns have achieved. This has caused a general level of controversy to build over the value of using the barcodes. Strangely, even though QR codes seem to be coming into their own, doubters have become quite rigid in their…

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QR codes will need to be properly applied or their use will fade out

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

Though the barcodes had been a growing part of mobile commerce, they must be maintained. Halfway through 2011, the popularity of QR codes suddenly experienced an explosion and they began appearing on everything from product packages to business cards, while consumers scanned them regularly. Now, marketers are using them even more, but inconsistently and without purpose. The more mainstream QR codes become, the less care many companies and brands are taking for their implementation. Without paying attention to the way that these barcodes are used, they are providing consumers with…

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QR codes should not be abused just because they aren’t expensive

QR Code

Low cost associated with mobile barcodes has its good and bad sides. The use of QR codes for mobile marketing and other purposes for bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds has become very popular due to their low cost, but this is producing both good and bad results. The success of quick response barcodes is based on the amount of engagement they provide users. These little black and white squares have become quite familiar among businesses and consumers alike. Their inexpensive nature for production and use makes…

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