Disney sets a powerful example in mobile commerce

mobile commerce payments wearable technology disney magic bands

Disney’s Magic Bands show that wearable technology and mobile payments can go hand-in-hand Disney may lead the way to a brighter future in mobile commerce. The famed company recently released its Magic Bands, which are simple wristbands that can be used to pay for goods and services at Disney resorts. This combination of wearable technology and mobile commerce has already generated a great deal of hype, and Disney may find itself as a pioneer in the mobile payments field. These Magic Bands are having a major impact on the way…

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Augmented reality magic used by Disney through pico projector

augmented reality disney technology

The technology is being used to help to broaden the experience of games and storybooks. Though the idea of augmented reality is nothing new for Disney – in fact, it has been using it quite regularly in Disneyworld, such as in the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion that will “follow you home” at the end, or the occasional Innoventions exhibit in Epcot – the magic of this tech will soon be brought home for children of all ages to enjoy. Disney has announced that it will be incorporating AR into…

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QR codes added to Disney campaign to appeal to kids

disney mobile payments

The new mobile marketing campaign is being launched in Australia with the target discount store. Disney and Target are now working together in Australia to reach out and connect with children through mobile marketing that is based on QR codes printed onto an interactive virtual wall. The interactive mcommerce experience was designed to be used for only this past weekend. The location was at a cinema in Sydney and it was created in order to use QR codes to form a child friendly experience. Though Disney is experienced in the…

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Disney patent details new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Cakes

Disney showing more interest in augmented reality Disney is, once again, showing its keen interest in augmented reality technology. A recent patent application from the acclaimed company has been released, detailing Disney’s new augmented reality initiative, which targets food as a major platform. According to the patent, Disney aims to paint interactive movies and imagery on edible products, making consumption a more engaging activity for anyone using the system. Such a system could transform events, such as birthdays, into more dynamic spectacles. New augmented reality system would be based on…

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Waldorf Astoria Chicago adopts augmented reality for kids

augmented reality image

Hotel embraces augmented reality with new campaign The Waldorf Astoria in Chicago has launched a new kid-friendly campaign that encourages young visitors to stare at walls. The hotel has embraced augmented reality and will be embedding digital content in wall decals that have been designed by RoomMates, a designer of wall stickers and other home decorations. The decals will feature popular characters from Disney, Pixar, and The Muppets and kids will be able to experience the augmented reality content contained in these decals using a smart phone. Wall decals provide…

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