Augmented reality magic used by Disney through pico projector

augmented reality disney technology

The technology is being used to help to broaden the experience of games and storybooks. Though the idea of augmented reality is nothing new for Disney – in fact, it has been using it quite regularly in Disneyworld, such as in the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion that will “follow you home” at the end, or the occasional Innoventions exhibit in Epcot – the magic of this tech will soon be brought home for children of all ages to enjoy. Disney has announced that it will be incorporating AR into…

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Augmented reality toys from Disney have potential but is the tech there yet?

augmented reality image

The new developments seem very promising but the technology may not be at the right point. Though augmented reality has added a great deal of potential for “magic” from Disney as it has incorporated it into a series of their toys, many consumers and reviewers are wondering if the technology is developed enough to make the experience worthwhile quite yet. Frequently, as has been the case in other instances of this technology, confusion and frustration results. The augmented reality toys that Disney has produced are aimed at a young audience.…

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Augmented reality 3D technology patent application made by Disney games console

augmented reality mobile game console

The massive corporation has logged the filing for a patent for gaming technologies. Disney has now logged an application for a patent for a 3D augmented reality game console which confirms their recent slip that revealed that it was working on this type of technology in the first place. They had not intended to reveal that they were coming up with their own game console. If the company had intended to deny the project in the first place, there will likely be few who would believe it now that they…

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Disney patent details new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Cakes

Disney showing more interest in augmented reality Disney is, once again, showing its keen interest in augmented reality technology. A recent patent application from the acclaimed company has been released, detailing Disney’s new augmented reality initiative, which targets food as a major platform. According to the patent, Disney aims to paint interactive movies and imagery on edible products, making consumption a more engaging activity for anyone using the system. Such a system could transform events, such as birthdays, into more dynamic spectacles. New augmented reality system would be based on…

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